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Kompaktowy system preparatywny (50 ml/min)

4 kanały Skaningowy 200-800 nm 20 ml/min 30 MPa

Wysokosprawny, praparatywny system HPLC zawiera detektor DAD UV-VIS, preparatywną pompę gradientową, automatyczny nawór nastrzykowy oraz kolektor frakcji. Detktor umożliwia pomiar absorbancji przy czterech długościach fali w tym samym momencie lub skanowanie w całym spektrum.

System kontrolowany jest za pomocą wbudowanego komputera z ekranem dotykowym

Modułowa konstrukcja pozwala skonfigurować jednostkę pod potrzeby klienta. System posiada detektor z długością fali w zakresie 200 - 800 nm, pompę z przepływem do 50 ml/min oraz kolektor frakcji.

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It is UV-VIS diode array detector, which allow measuring absorbance of four wavelengths in range of 200–800 nm simultaneously in one cell just as scanning of whole spectra. Standardly is assembled with preparative cell PLCC07L, but other cells are available.


Fractions are collected according to chosen method, which is simply created using touch screen. Racks for 8, 21, 40 ml tubes.


Valve is driven by a stepmotor and it is automatically switched by software. System also allows manual sample injection by opened column.


Installed industrial PC with Intel Atom 4 core processor. OS Linux, Touch screen 12,1“ 1024 x 786, SW QUEEN controlls: gradient, flow rate, wavelengths, fractions collection etc. Remote administration is available.


Modified for compact system, quaternary gradient pumps with flow rate up to 50 ml/min (30 MPa, 4351 PSI). Unit software includes new learning algorithm for pulsation suppression and many testing and diagnostic functions.

Interface 3xUSB, 2xLAN, RS232
Power supply 100 - 240 V AC
Power input 400 W
Dimensions W x H x D 500 x 678 x 482 mm (19.69 x 26.69 x 18.98")
Weight 55 kg (121.30 lb)
Wavelength range  200 - 800 nm   (256 elements on CCD)
Number of channels (Signals) 4
Scan 200 - 800 nm,up to  20 Hz, step 1 nm
Typical spectral half-width 10 nm
Accuracy of adjustment / Reproducibility ± 1 nm / ±0.5 nm
Noise level at test cell (254 nm, TC 0.75s) ± 5 x 10-5 AU
Drift at test cell (254 nm after 1 h) 1 x 10-3 AU/hr
Materials in contact with mobile phase FEP; fused silica, stainless steel, PEEK
Time constant (T63) 0.5 s, 0.75 s, 1.0 s, 2.0 s, 4.0 s, 8.0 s, 16.0 s, 0.2 s, 0.1 s
Fraction collector  
  EC08 48 tubes of 8 ml
Available racks (two racks per unit) EC21 36 tubes of 21 ml

EC40 24 tubes of 40 ml

Maximum flow rate for tubes 8 ml

max. 50 ml/min
Maximum flow rate for tubes 21, 40 ml max. 300 ml/min
Wetted materials  FEP, Tefzel®, PPS, KEL-F, PTFE, PEEK, SS 316, glass SIMAX
Input tubing OD 1/8“ x ID 1/16“ FEP
Flow rate 0.1 – 50 ml/min
Maximum operating pressure 30 MPa (4351 PSI)
Flow rate setting  0.1 ml/min steps
Repeatability of flow rate adjusting ± 0.5 %
Accuracy of flow rate setting ± 2 %
Wetted materials stainless steel, PEEK, TefzelTM, PE, ceramic, seals *
Output capillary outer diameter 1/8”
Input tubing outer diameter 1/8”
Gradient valves control module - OPTIONALLY Up to six valves
borosilicate glass

Kamush® Glass Blowing Laboratory

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chromatography software

LP-chrom® Chromatography Software

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